The Eleventh International Workshop on Eye Movements in Programming 2023 will be held hybrid on Friday, 2nd of June 2023. It is co-located with the 2023 ACM Symposium of Eye Tracking Research & Applications (ETRA).

EMIP 2023 Schedule (2nd of June 2023):

Tentative, subject to change!

Central Time US UTC CEST Event Duration
6:00AM 11:00AM 1:00PM Welcome from Organizers 10 minutes
6:10AM 11:10AM 1:10PM Paper Presentations (Session 1) 120 minutes
      Kuang et al.: Applying Machine Learning to Gaze Data in Software Development: A Mapping Study 15 mins + 5 min Q/A
      Saranpää et al.: GANDER: a Platform for Exploration of Gaze-driven Assistance in Code Review 15 mins + 5 min Q/A
      Hauser et al.: Visual Expertise in Code Reviews - Using Holistic Models of Image Perception to Analyze and Interpret Eye Movements 15 mins + 5 min Q/A
      Sparmann et al.: Analysing the API learning process through the use of eye tracking 15 mins + 5 min Q/A
      Small Group Breakout Discussion 30 minutes
8:00AM 1:00PM 3:00PM Coffee Break 30 minutes
8:30AM 1:30PM 3:30PM Paper Presentations (Session 2) 110 minutes
      Ahsan and Obaidellah: Is Clustering Novice Programmers Possible? Investigating Scanpath Trend Analysis in Programming Tasks 15 mins + 5 min Q/A
      Sun and Nakayama: Program Code Navigation Model by Visual for Individuals based on LSTM with Co-clustering 15 mins + 5 min Q/A
      Small Group Breakout Discussion 30 minutes
10:20AM 3:20PM 5:20PM Closing 10 minutes