The 10th International Workshop on Eye Movements in Programming will take place May 18, 2022 virtually at the 44th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2022).

Programming education and practice mainly focus on writing code, while the reading skills are often taken for granted. Reading occurs in debugging, maintenance and the learning of programming languages. It provides the essential basis for comprehension. By analyzing behavioral data such as gaze during code reading processes, we explore this essential part of programming.

EMIP 2022 Schedule (May 18 2022):

Central Time Eastern Time Pacific Time UTC Event Duration
10:00AM 11:00AM 8:00AM 3:00PM Welcome from Organizers 5 minutes
10:05AM 11:05AM 8:05AM 3:05PM Keynote by Felienne Hermans
Hedy: Creating a Graduate Programming Language
45 mins + 15 Q/A
11:05AM 12:05PM 9:05AM 4:05PM Mingle and Introduction Breakout Sessions (optional) 10 minutes
11:15AM 12:15PM 9:15AM 4:15PM Paper Presentations 45 minutes
        Raymond Lister: Some Thoughts on Designing Eye Movement Studies for Novice Programmers 10 mins + 5 Q/A
        Tanya Beelders: Eye-tracking analysis of source code reading on a line-by-line basis 10 mins + 5 Q/A
        Krzysztof Krejtz, Andrew T. Duchowski, Katarzyna Wisiecka, Izabela Krejtz: Entropy of Eye Movements While Reading Code or Text 10 mins + 5 Q/A
Noon 1:00PM 10:00AM 5:00PM Break and Small Group Breakout Discussion (optional) 15 minutes
12:15PM 1:15PM 10:15AM 5:15PM Panel discussion: Practical Implications of EMIP Research on Software Engineering and CS Education

Andrew Begel - Microsoft Research, USA
Ian McChesney - Ulster University, Northern Ireland
Janet Siegmund - Technical University of Chemnitz, Germany
Martha Crosby - University of Hawaiʻi, USA
Norman Peitek - Saarland University, Germany
Roman Bednarik - University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Sarah Fakhoury - Washington State University, USA
45 mins + 15 Q/A
1:15PM 2:15PM 11:15AM 6:15PM Closing 5 minutes

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