Welcome to the EMIP’15 workshop in Joensuu. Here we provide some practical information about traveling to the workshop and about accommodation.

The workshop will be organized in Joensuu, at the Joensuu Science Park (Länsikatu 15, 80110 Joensuu). The easiest way to reach Joensuu is by flying (finnair.com, 1 hour from Helsinki), but also trains (vr.fi, 4.5 hours from Helsinki) and bus routes (onnibus.com) have regular and affordable schedules.

The workshop will start on Sunday 22nd of November by getting together for lunch, and the main program takes place on 23rd and 24th. We recommend booking accommodation in advance; Greenstar (http://www.greenstar.fi/en/) is a reasonable priced hotel located in the city center, a walking distance from the workshop. Alternative accommodation options are: Cumulus Hotel, Hotel Vaakuna, Hotel Kimmel, Finnhostel ISLO www.islo.fi/en/islo+services/accommodation, and youth hostel Joensuu (http://youthhostel-joensuu.net/), all within walking distance.

There is a shuttle from the airport to the city: http://sklfi.asiakkaat.sigmatic.fi/aikataulut/#en

Do not hesitate and contact us, if you have a question regarding EMIP and its organization.