International Workshop at the 13th KOLI CALLING Conference on Computing Education

University of Eastern Finland, November 13th – November 14th, 2013 Organizers: Roman Bednarik (University of Eastern Finland), Teresa Busjahn, Carsten Schulte (Freie Universität Berlin)

This first workshop gives participants an opportunity to get insights into code reading with eye movement data. However, as this data only reflects the low level behavioral processes, the challenge to tackle is how to make use of this data to infer higher order comprehension processes. We will take on this challenge by working on a coding scheme to analyze eye movement data of code reading. The links between low and high level behaviors will help computing science educators to design, realize and reflect on the teaching of code reading skills.

Furthermore, we aim to open discussion about the ways of explicit teaching of readership skills in computing education. Therefore we will discuss the role of reading skills in teaching programming, facilitated by position papers of each participant.