Here is the program of EMIP 2019. This year, we are co-located with ICSE 2019 in Montreal, Canada.

Workshop date: Monday, May 27 2019

Location: Parenthèse Room (Third Floor, Map), Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Long paper presentations will be 20 minutes plus 5 minutes of discussion. Short paper presentations will be 10 minutes plus 5 minutes of discussion.

Session 1 (09:00am – 10:30am)

  • 9:00am: Introduction
  • 9:05am: Keynote: Eye tracking: Past Achievements and Future Directions — Dror Feitelson – Hebrew University, Israel (Slides)

    Reading and comprehending code is different from reading regular text. And eye tracking, which measures where we look, for how long, and how much mental effort we exert, can provide crucial data. The talk will survey some achievements and suggest future direction.

    (Keynote abstract)

  • 10:00am: Paper: The Influence of Different AOI Models in Source Code Comprehension Analysis — Fabian Deitelhoff, Andreas Harrer and Andrea Kienle 10:25am: Demo teasers

Session 2 (11:00am – 12:30am)

  • 11:00am: Paper: Visually Analyzing Students’ Gaze on C++ Code Snippets — Cole Peterson, Jonathan Saddler, Tanja Blascheck and Bonita Sharif
  • 11:25am: Paper: Attention in Software Maintenance: An Eye Tracking Study — Maike Ahrens, Kurt Schneider and Melanie Busch (Preprint)
  • 11:50am: Paper: Synchronized Analysis of Eye Movement and EEG during Program Comprehension — Toyomi Ishida and Hidetake Uwano
  • 12:10am: Open discussion and preparation for poster session

Lunch (12:30pm – 2:00pm)

During lunch, there will be time for creating posters and putting them up on the wall.

Session 3 (2:00pm – 3:30pm)

  • 2:00pm: Paper: Toward Imitating Visual Attention of Experts in Software Development Tasks — Yoshiharu Ikutani, Nishanth Koganti, Hideaki Hata, Takatomi Kubo and Kenichi Matsumoto (Preprint)
  • 2:15pm: Paper: Design of an Executable Specification Language Using Eye Tracking — Georg Simhandl, Philipp Paulweber and Uwe Zdun (Preprint)
  • 2:30pm: Open discussion and poster presentations

Session 4 (4:00pm – 5:30pm)

  • 4:00pm: Demos (all in parallel)
  • 4:45pm: Expert panel (methodological questions, study design issues)
  • 5:15pm: Open discussion, reflection on future research agendas, feedback from participants
  • 5:25pm: Closing