Call for papers 2013

Analyzing the expert’s gaze International Workshop at the 13th KOLI CALLING INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTING EDUCATION RESEARCH School of Computing, UEF, Joensuu, Finland, November 13th – November 14th, 2013

To participate send a mail to It is possible to participate independent of attending Koli Calling. Participants will get eye movement data of reading and comprehension processes of expert programmers, and a coding scheme for annotating the process. You will annotate the video, and reflect on the (perceived) intentions behind the visible pattern. Applying and refining the coding scheme on the data gives insight into the higher order comprehension strategies of the reader.

A short individual reflection and position paper of the results and perspectives for teaching programming is required by the participants [max. 2-3 pages]. As a result, participants will jointly prepare a paper with the data and the refined coding scheme.